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“Now, these are the Names of the Eleven Kingdoms, sung rightly well of old:
Howicce, and Llannedd, and fierce Connait;
mountainous Meara, the Land Beyond the River;
and Kheldour, the windswept;
and pastoral Eastmarch;
Tolan, and Torenth, and myth-ridden Mooryn;
and lost Caeriesse, which sank beneath the sea;
and far-reaching Gwynedd, seat of the Haldane Kings.

—Lay of the Lord Llewellyn, Troubadour to the High King of Mooryn"

Eleven Kingdoms 4e is a campaign in a medieval, very low magic setting. We will incorporate some immersion storytelling, and other role-playing techniques.

After a exploring the core assumptions (DMG 151) of the Eleven Kingdoms and selecting a Tier of play (perhaps high-heroic or paragon?), we will experiment with a Group Storytelling style (DMG2 ch. 1). Beginning with the Campaign Theme (DMG 134), then a cast of characters, and then drawing from them the characters that will become PCs.

More about designing the party, then the PCs

More about immersion


Main Page

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