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Martial Classes – Human and Deryni:

  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Warlord
  • Ranger

DND Essentials versions of the Fighter and Rogue are recommended. The DND Essentials version of Ranger is also available, as are hybrid and multi-class martial characters. The Beastmaster Ranger build is not available.

Psionic Classes – Deryni only:

  • Psion
  • Battlemind
  • Ardent “Healer”

The psion class is appropriate for deryni who steep themselves in arcane study and readily master most deryni techniques. Telepathy Focus is preferred; Shaper Focus is barred.

The battlemind class is appropriate for deryni who train their minds for fighting.

The ardent is the class most appropriate for a deryni Healer, though the warlord is also a possibility.

Multi- and Dual-classing
Only deryni can take psionic classes and multi class feats for psionic classes. Similarly, hybrid characters are also allowed with the restriction that only deryni can select psionic hybrid classes.

Selecting Powers and Features
Powers that contain the teleportation, conjuration, zone, or summoning keywords should be avoided, though may be allowed with DM consideration.

Because the Eleven Kingdoms is a very low magic setting, and because of the nature of Deryni healing magic, powers with the Healing keyword may not work on unconscious characters unless performed as a melee touch power.


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