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Magic equipment is existant, but rare.

Potions are unusual, but acquiring them is easy enough for PCs. Some Alchemical items may be available for purchase.

Magical Weapons and Armor are usually of exceptional make (“Forge Armor”, “Forge Weapon” Martial Practices from MP2 149), and not magical creation. Weapons and Armor with special enchantments are the stuff of myth.

Wondrous Items and Magical equipment for other slots are similarly legendary, except for an Amulet of Protection (PH1 249).

Optional: Characters without either a magic weapon, implement, armor, or Amulet of Protection may use the NPC Magic Threshold (DMG 187) for defenses, attacks, and damage rolls which are not augmented by magical equipment.

Level Magic threshold
1st–5th +0
6th–10th +1
11th–15th +2
16th–20th +3
21st–25th +4
26th–30th +5


Only deryni can posses the Ritual Caster feat. As such, rituals can only be performed and mastered by deryni, though humans may assist in performing the rituals, usually by providing healing surges.

Only Healers can perform and master rituals with “Key Skill: Heal”, though other characters may assist. The Raise Dead ritual does not exist in the Eleven Kingdoms.


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