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Players are encouraged to consider the following options in creating characters:

Skill Powers (PH3): Since there is an intentional de-emphasis on combat, some of these utility powers may have more usefulness in this campaign. Especially, those powers connected to Arcana, Diplomacy, History, and Insight.

Martial Practices (MP2): These are an excellent way to give your martial character more robust capabilities.

Rituals: These magical rites are restricted to Deryni, and only Deryni characters may take the Ritual Caster feat.

Harrow Deck: This may be used to spur ideas for PCs and NPCs.

The following may be employed to aid in role playing:

Gamemastery Face Cards:

Plot Twist Cards:

Pathfinder Kingmaker Nation Building:
“Leadership Roles
Once your party begins building a nation in Kingmaker, each PC can take on the role of a leader in that nation. … The 11 leadership roles are listed below.”
Ruler: Regulus Augarinus Alexander Haldane, “King Augarin”
Ruler: Regula Dianae Matilda Haldane, “Queen Diana”
Councilor: Lady Clara
General: Father Viktor
Grand Diplomat: Lady Gisele Maclean
High Priest: Archbishop Bearand Ifor Haldane
Magister: Olias of Sunhillow
Marshal: Corporal Bear
Royal Assassin: Lady Payne
Spymaster: NamePending1
Treasurer: Lord Jeroam
Warden: Alexandra


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